Critical Protection Consulting, LLC

Critical Protection Consulting provides our clients a comprehensive range of consulting services through industry proven methodologies. CPC’s professional team consists of prior law enforcement and military personnel with decades of extensive experience in cross-functional roles conducting active shooter response training, risk assessments, and mitigation strategies. Team members hold degrees in Security, Emergency Management, and Business Administration. Our consultants also hold International Board Certifications in Safety and are sought to speak nationally on Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness topics.

When consulting with CPC clients can expect an industry tailored comprehensive assessment that includes an in depth analysis of physical security, audits of policies and operations, security and hazard vulnerability assessments, and mitigation strategies to reduce the overall threat score of a facility. CPC’s holistic approach is an industry leading practice that offers clients meaningful strategies to improve their organizations posture against various threats.

Josh Stivers, MSHSEM, MHA, CHOP, CPD

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Josh Stivers has over 22 years of police and security experience. He served as a police officer just south of Seattle in King County as well as volunteered his time with the Kent and Algona Police Departments. Josh currently serves as a Security Manager for a large hospital organization as well as serves as the Chief of Security with Homeland Patrol Division. Furthermore, Josh is also a Principal Consultant with Critical Protection Consulting, LLC. which is a firm that specializes in active shooter response training, physical security and other security and hazard vulnerability assessment planning.

Josh has two Master’s degrees, his first Master’s is in Homeland Security and Emergency Management and his second is in Healthcare Administration. Furthermore, Josh has also earned two undergraduate degrees, a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration and an Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

Josh is enjoys learning and had went on to earn his CPD (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) professional designation and his CHOP-B (Certified Healthcare Operations Professional Certification and is looking forward to earning his CPP (Certified Protection Professional), PSP (Physical Security Professional), EMP (Emergency Management Professional), WVTS (Workplace Violence & Threat Specialists) designations in 2019-2020.

Josh has an extensive background chairing workplace violence committees and being a member on numerous other safety and security committees. Josh is considered a leader in Active Shooter Response training and is a national instructor on how to be safe and survive these types of events.

Lastly, Josh is a certified TASER and Defensive Tactics Instructor as well as a certified trainer with the Washington Department of Licensing private security guard sector. He trains on all topics, such as: officer safety, verbal judo/de-escalation, report writing, active shooter response, patrol tactics, and much more. Josh is also an inventor and has 3 active provisional patents through the USPTO regarding security and medical devices.


(800) 498-1328 ext. 802

Chris La Due has over 19 years of Military, Safety, Security and Emergency Management experience. He is a combat veteran who served in the Army, within special operations command and in multiple infantry units. Chris was also an elite martial arts instructor to special operations military and law enforcement personnel. He began his private sector career in security to include personal, retail, and healthcare security, which progressed and expanded his experience across multiple disciplines.

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Northwest University. He graduated cum laude with “who’s who among students in American Universities and Colleges” recognition. Chris also holds multiple certifications, including Criminal Interviews and Interrogations, international certification for Healthcare Safety Professionals, Certified Healthcare Operations Professional, and Emergency Medical Technician. Chris also holds formal paralegal education making his investigatory interview style inline with HR and legal standards .

Currently, Chris works for the largest healthcare inner city hospital provider in the Pacific Northwest as the manager for safety, security, and emergency management. Chris chairs the Safety Committee and is on the system workplace violence committee. He has been a part of this hospital system for 10 years and has spoken at multiple seminars on Safety, Security and Emergency Management topics.

Chris is also sought to conduct highly sensitive and complex investigations that need a thorough and focused review. As a consultant, he draws from his education, knowledge and multiple areas of experience to provide an in depth comprehensive evaluation and assessment tailored to his clients specific industry.