Critical Protection Consulting Services

Critical Protection Consulting (CPC) specializes in fully interactive Active Shooter Preparedness Training experience. CPC’s advanced educational platform educates, empowers, and instills confidence in staff so they have the ability to succeed if ever faced with this type of event.

CPC’s tailored training provides multiple options for educating to the unique needs of each organization. Having specialized training in large inner city hospitals and high-rise buildings gives our consultants a unique set of skills to provide the highest level of training. CPC’s comprehensive training model includes evaluating and designating “safe rooms” and what to do if inside a safe room. CPC will walk staff through what to do if they personally encounter the shooter(s) to ensure they go home safe to their loved ones.

Simulation training gives your staff full insight on what it may be like using three different simulation models to engage staff and get them to think through their options while hearing “shots fired” and other major distractions. Staff will learn a lot from this training and will find it extremely useful, relative, and meaningful in their daily and personal lives.

Active Shooter Preparedness Training and presentation to staff

  • ​Identify safe rooms
  • Barricading
  • Countering the shooter
  • Real life training scenarios and statistics

Situational Awareness Training

  • 360-degree situational awareness
  • Know your surroundings
  • Trained vs. Untrained

Comprehensive Security and Hazard Vulnerability Assessments are vital to every organization for understanding and mitigating identified and potential risks. The principal objective of Critical Protection Consulting’s (CPC) Comprehensive Security and Hazard Vulnerability Assessment is to evaluate areas of risk, as well as, recommend options to reduce or eliminate organizational exposure.  When conducting the assessment, CPC utilizes industry proven processes with a tailored approach to each industry. CPC’s Method ensures each assessment will be catered to the client’s specific industry and need which allows for the most comprehensive analysis available on the market.

The assessment includes an inspection of:

  • Exterior and interior crime prevention through environmental design
  • Entry points
  • Intrusion detection and panic systems
  • Access control, CCTV systems
  • Electronic control systems
  • Employee and visitor identification procedures
  • Employee and vendor vetting
  • Thorough review of pertinent policies and procedures.

The Critical Protection Consulting Difference:

The CPC method involves an extensive system designed to assess, analyze, report, and test areas of potential or actual vulnerability.  This method is scalable and easily implemented no matter the size of the organization. A typical assessment consists of the following framework, although, it should be noted that each assessment is tailored specifically to the client so no two are identical.

Initial Meeting

  • Introduction to client’s corporate structure, services and identity
  • Identification of key personnel
  • Determination of the scope of the CPC Assessment

Pre-Assessment Meeting and physical Survey

  • Clearance for CPC personnel
  • Classification of industry-wide threats
  • Discussion of perceived threats and historical incidents
  • Identification of key assets
  • Discussion of process for reporting and gathering information
  • Establishment of timeline for entire process
  • Identification of deliverables

Comprehensive Onsite Assessment

  • Implementation of the agreed-upon plan including physical assessments of facilities during both daytime and evening hours
  • Review of current protocols and procedures and a determination of the level of compliance
  • Comprehensive interviews with identified key personnel
  • Aggressive testing of current security precautions and barriers through various prearranged means
  • Evaluation of emergency planning and mitigation procedures and policies
  • Analysis of business continuity plans
  • Evaluation of security training and education procedures

Data Analysis and Initial Report Generation

  • Professional analysis of collected data
  • Design and development of report outlining observations and recommendations

Final Report Delivery

  • All findings and recommendations will be tailored and reported based on the organizations request
  • Observations of vulnerabilities throughout the organization
  • In depth discussion of specific recommendations highlighting areas of critical concern
  • Recommendations for the phased sequence of implementation based off risk rating
  • Determine need for follow up evaluation after implementation of recommendations

Workplace Violence (WPV) in America is on the rise, in fact, OSHA states about 2 million workers are victims to WPV each year. OSHA states every company is responsible for ensuring a safe work environment, but many organizations have not fully implemented or evaluated their violence prevention program to ensure they are prepared for the effects of a WPV event.

Critical Protection Consultants (CPC) is keenly aware of the federal government’s multifaceted regulations and requirements which are necessary to establish a comprehensive workplace violence program. CPC’s consultants have successfully implemented and maintained robust programs within large complex organizations. CPC provides evaluations, recommendations and Post Incident Management (PIM). PIM is a critical component for organizational recovery after a WPV event. Organizations tend to contact CPC after a major incident however, it is recommended these services be performed proactively. CPC’s in-depth and methodical approach consists of a tailored evaluation for each company, addressing their unique and specific concerns to ensure a positive outcome.

Workplace Violence Prevention Evaluations consist of:

  • Identifying and Assessing Workplace Violence Hazards
  • Establishing Management Commitment and Worker Participation
  • Worksite Analysis and Hazard Identification
  • Hazard Prevention and Control
  • Safety and Health Training
  • Reporting, Recordkeeping, and Program Evaluation
  • Workplace Violence Program Checklists

A workplace investigation is an impartial information gathering process into complaints of misconduct made against an employee or someone acting on behalf of the organization. The workplace has become a challenging environment for management and staff alike, with allegations of inappropriate behavior and union grievances it is imperative to have an unbiased third party available to investigate and provide resolution to these matters. There are substantial expectations for employers to be responsive, accountable and transparent. Handling of these situations in a timely manner is crucial and required in all cases.

Assessing complaints and performing workplace investigations assists the employer to meet their legal obligations, manage and mitigate a variety of risks including health and safety, eliminate further complaints and disputes which can be a risk to the organizations effectiveness and efficiency. Once an employer becomes aware of possible misconduct by an employee an investigation must be conducted irrespective of whether the complaint was made informally, anonymously or confidentially. The objective is to establish the facts to determine whether the alleged matters occurred, and if so, whether they constitute a breach of the organizations policies and procedures.

An investigation must be transparent, thorough and conducted with a logical decision making process. CPC is a leader in conducting workplace investigations and consultation. Our Investigators are highly trained and committed to working with you to achieve the best possible results for your organization. CPC provides your organization with professional workplace investigations that are ethical, objective and comprehensive.

We understand these issues pose significant risks to any organization. Our experience tells us that unless workplace issues are dealt with quickly and effectively, the effect upon the organization can be costly in terms of loss of valuable personnel, time, money and productivity and may adversely affect your organization’s good reputation. CPC has a proven track record for producing high quality and thorough investigations. As independent, external investigators we conduct unbiased and thorough investigations. Our findings are based on facts, allowing our clients to make appropriate decisions and come to the best possible outcome.

CPC offers the following extensive range of services in the following areas:

  • Workplace Bullying
  • Discrimination/Victimization/Harassment
  • Theft/Fraud
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Inappropriate use of resources
  • Misconduct